A Year in Review

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Can you believe it’s 2020? At the beginning of the last decade, I was 15 years old. I couldn’t drive, I’d never had a job, I hadn’t even kissed a boy yet. So much has changed for that teenage girl in the last ten years and I can’t believe everything that the decade has brought me. Each year, I experienced a new level of maturity and growth and 2019 was no exception. This past year was a big one for me and I wanted my first post of 2020 to be a reflection on everything that I’ve learned this year.


To start, 2019 was huge in terms of my writing career. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been writing and as I got older, I began planning to write a full-fledged novel. Every time I started the planning process, something stopped me. Sometimes it was a loss of inspiration. Sometimes I just didn’t want to put the work into it. And sometimes it was self doubt, that I would ever go through with writing a novel, that made me stop. But in 2019, not only did I get through an entire outline, but I also began writing the first chapter! It wasn’t much but I got down 2,568 words by the end of 2019, which is farther than I’ve ever gotten before. I’m not sure if I’m as fully in love with the story as I was when I began plotting but I am determined to see it through to the end. Through this, I learned so much about the writing process, and my own personal writing process, but most importantly, I learned that I don’t need to have everything perfect for this writing journey to be rewarding. My idea doesn’t have to be perfectly planned out, each chapter doesn’t have to be perfectly written the first time. This is my first attempt and nothing is going to be as perfect as I want it to be. But that’s absolutely no reason not to go for it, and that is exactly what I’m going to keep doing in the new year.


In terms of reading, I’m not going to lie, I have been slacking off for years. Reading has always been something I loved. It went along hand in hand with my love for writing. I had an amazing aunt who constantly encouraged me to read and was always open to hear about what I was reading. It was a special connection that I shared with her and when she passed away in 2008, I lost a little bit of that spark. I still read but it was different. I was reading one or two books a year, if I was lucky. 2019 was the year I finally decided to get back into my love of reading, along with the creation of my Bookstagram account. I made this decision pretty late in the year but was still able to finish about 3 ½ books once I decided to. I’m very excited to keep up this pace and to keep indulging in great books that I love. And more than anything, it’s something that helps me feel connected to my aunt again, someone who I wouldn’t have this fierce love of books without. 


And finally, in 2019 I launched my blog! This blog was something I’d been considering since 2017 but I never felt quite ready to start. I never knew what to write about or wondered why anyone would care what I had to say. But something about getting back into my writing made me want to take another leap. This year has helped me start to conquer my fear of failure and I am so grateful. Starting this platform, along with my Instagram account, has helped me create an amazing community that I can only hope to grow in this new year. For the first time in my life, I have hope that I can actually make writing my career. I’m so excited to watch this blog grow and learn more about managing online platforms. 

So here’s to furthering my writing journey, diving into some interesting books, and exploring a new life in social media. Here’s to the 2020 and the next decade!

CURRENTLY READING: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. What better time to reread this classic then the beginning of the 20’s! The Great Gatsby is one of my favorites, so I’m very excited to dive back into it for my first read of 2020.

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