Marissa Bellantoni was born in June of 1994 in West Harrison, NY and moved to Brewster, NY at 8 years old. As far back as she can remember, she has always been writing. From scribbling stories in her marble notebooks or typing away at her parents’ old desktop computer, she has always had a story running through her mind, dying to be told. Though, she’s never pursued it professionally, Marissa continued to write and read as much as possible throughout the course of her childhood and teen life. In 2016 she graduated college with a degree in Media Studies & Production and sought out a job in television production, believing that writing could only ever be a hobby for her. Struggling to find a place in the television industry, Marissa eventually settled for a career in accounting. Working in a job with more structure and less creativity, she began to rely on her side writing projects to fulfill her desire to express herself.

In 2019, she created The Green Write, a blog that finally gave her the “green light” to go for her dreams of being a published writer after so many years of making excuses not to. She is currently working as a bookkeeper, while writing her first novel in her free time.